The Long And Winding Road

The Long And Winding Road

Welcome to our new website Third Floor Rare Books.

William Allum's ShopFor me, this has been a long personal journey, one which had its roots 110 years ago, in England. In 1896, my Great Grandfather, William Allum, opened an antique book, print and frame shop that, for the next 24 years, would offer those services to the people of Woking, England.

My Grandmother would regale me with stories about living above the shop and always having prints, books and framing jobs scattered throughout. I still retain my Great Grandfather’s frame gilding equipment (complete with three boxes of gold foil) as well as many prints and books that have been passed down to me.

After the passing of my Great Grandfather in 1920, according to family legend, Grandmother was forced to sell what was one of the largest miniature book collections in England along with three Turner paintings– just to pay off the bills. A small trunk of books and prints made its way back to Canada where, many years later, they came into my possession. I was hooked, and became an avid print / book collector. This experience led me to partner with master on-line seller Colin Borgal; together, we offered rare books on EBay for the past four years.

With the creation of Third Floor Rare Books, my journey comes full circle. My past informs my future, as I journey forward to a time when on-line sales become the new business model. I have partnered with John Kirkpatrick, a young tech savvy Arts Major. Together, we are pleased to offer small batches of rare books through EBay — at auction and at a fixed price — through Third Floor Rare Books.

This site offers a rare and exciting visual experience for collectors who have long complained about mere written descriptions about rare books. Our website brings the collector directly into our studio where each book is carefully and meticulously photographed in high resolution. There is no need to visit book fairs or increasingly scarce rare bookstores, or to engage in expensive travel, to see these rare books. Thanks to modern technology, you simply have to fire up your on-line connection – at any time, at any hour.

We hope you enjoy the experience as much as we have creating it. We look forward to offering many more books for sale in the years to come. And we would love your feedback and suggestions!

Peter Jones
January 13, 2016

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