The September Preview

The September Preview

Hello! After some short vacation time in August, we will be back in early september with some impressive listings entirely from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Be prepared for some larger listings, of some fascinating and influential historical works.

Week 1

Starting off september, we have several excellent volumes from the library of Michael Morris Oppenheim. The extensive library of the historian was donated to the Bath Public Reference Library, from whence they found their way to us. The highlights of the library include an eighth edition copy of Basil Kennett’s Antiquities of Rome, in excellent condition, with portrait plate and black ruled, red & black title page, 1726.

Frontispiece and Title - Antiquities of Rome, 8th Edition

Front Board - Antiquities of Rome, 8th EditionMap of Ancient Rome - Antiquities of Rome, 8th Edition

Also from the Oppenheim collection, Joseph Addison’s Remarks on Several Parts of Italy, 1736 fifth edition, and the letters of Father Paul, First And Only Edition. Each of these works has been skillfully rebound, retaining original boards, with tasteful new spines and effective repairs to the scarce damage of these volumes.

A separate item of substantial interest is the 1726 first edition of Gulliver’s Travels, By Jonathan Swift, volumes 1 & 2 bound in one. This volume corresponds to Teerink’s AA state, with the important errors uncorrected.

Title Page - Travels to Several Remote Nations, AA First EditionMap - Travels to Several Remote Nations, AA First Edition

Also for the first listing, Rolt’s Dictionary of trade & Commerce, 1756 first folio edition, with Frontispiece.

Frontispiece and Title - A New Dictionary of Trade and Commerce

Week 2

Week two has a marvelous quarto sammelband of the Acts of the Parliament of Scotland, From 1632 to 1649, covering the start of the Bishops war and the first two of the English Civil Wars. This collections of published acts is bound in beautiful gilt English calf, with an additional publication of proclamations by King Charles I, a very scarce publication, dated 1629.

Spine and front board - Acts of the Parliament of Scotland, 1632-1649Title, Acts 1632 - Acts of the Parliament of Scotland, 1632-1649

Proclamations, 1629 - Acts of the Parliament of Scotland, 1632-1649Acts 1649 - Acts of the Parliament of Scotland, 1632-1649

From the famed Library of Henry Yates Thompson, the 1637 Boulderised fifth Edition of William Camden’s Remaines Concerning Britain, in excellent condition.

We have famed seventeenth century puritan William’s Prynne’s account of his and his co-defendants’ trial befor William Laud in A New Discovery of the Prelates Tyranny, 1641 first and only edition.

Title - The Prelates TyrannyPortrait Plate of William Laud

Also the Accompt of the Trial of the Regicides, 1660 First Edition, as compiled by Heneage Finch, Earl of Nottingham. An account of the trial of those responsible for the execution of Charles I, which included the exhumation of Oliver Cromwell.

Imprimatur and Title - Accompt of the Trial of the Regicides

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