Derby Post-Man Vol 1 No 32

Derby Post-Man Vol 1 No 32

The Derby Post Man Vol 1 No 32 1721

Printed In Derby by S. Hodgkinson For Hen. Allestree, Wm. Hole, Thomas Barfoot, Thomas Hide, Tho. Hauworth

The Volume is in Very Good Condition Disbound, with generally clean, amply margined leaves, with some fraying at the leaf edges, and with some light toning otherwise.
The Volume is Complete in All Respects See below for pagination & dimensions.

Title - The Derby Post-Man Vol 1 No 32

Of The Derby Post-Man

An early newspaper publication,the Derby Post-Man provides fascinating insight into the events at the time. With this particular example, we have a satirical poem addressing the continuing anger at the events of the South-Sea Bubble:

“Upon a Lady Being offered a Purse by one of the late Directors of the South-Sea Company. Written by a Lady. Curse on the Bribs! Shall Female Love be Stain’d With impious Dross from Ruin’d Britons drain’d? Shall we be added to the Publick Shame? Beauty be sold to a detested Name? Know, mosterous(sic) Wretch! Ou better Souls distain Thy horrid Spoils, and excreable Gain, Our Hearts are tender, and shall ever scorn To Joy in which made our country mourn. But Oh! If we Patriot Soul could view, That would revenge his Nations Cause on you; With Pride we’d meet the brave, well-meaning Breast Wake all his Joys and lull his Cares to Rest; In Blessing him, we’d waste each precious Hour, And cursing Thee, and thy once fatal Power. A further continuation of the Complaint. No more the Muse must sing in humble Strains, Of Vernal Pleasure, or of Rural Swains; My bleeding Country now demands my Aid. And what my Country claims must be obey’d. When Night and balmy Sleep had clos’d mine Eyes, I saw me Thought, Britannia’s Genius rise; Not as she look’d on Blenheim’s hostile Plain, Where Britain’s Force subdued the Power of Spain: Majestick then! Now languid was her Air, Her Lawrels wither’d, and all torn he Hair. ‘ Ignoble Youth, she cry’d, and canst thou be Thus far regardless of unhappy Me? O glorious Age how bless’d were it return’d. When gallant breasts with generous Ardour burn’d Who boldly dar’d assert their Country’s Cause; Nor hop’d from meaner Thames to gain Applause; Who sav’d their Country from approaching Fate, Nor spar’d the Guilty, tho’ they sin’d in State: For shame! No longer now thy Verse employ On a fictious Nymph or amourous Boy. No, rather of my Sons, my Patriot sing Who trace the Mischief to its hidden Spring; Unveil the Secret Mysteries of Hell; (for sure some Devil first contriv’d to the Spell) Do this; and you your Follies may repair —- She spake, and with an awful Frown disolv’d in Air. I woke, and cry’d, Great Goddess I obey; Be this the future Subject of my Lay”

The ESTC only has copies of The Derby Post-Man up to issue 25, making this quite a rare volume. The Derby Post- Man would resurge in another form as The British Spy, later in the century.

Pagination & Dimensions

The volume is paginated as follows: [1]-12 The volume collates as follows: [A]4, B2. Each leaf measures about 225 mm. By 170 mm.

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