Forty Four Queries to the life of Queen Dick

Forty Four Queries to the life of Queen Dick


Fourty four Inquiries to the Life of Queen Dick 1659 First Edition

Making A Mockery of Richard Cromwell
Widely Circulated among Royalists

The Volume is in Very Good Condition Rebound in Marbled Boards: externally the boards and spine show little to no scuffing. Internally the leave are generally clean and well margined, trimmed close at the bottom, cutting off catchwords, with some mild toning and foxing.
The Volume is Complete in All Respects See below for pagination & dimensions.

Front Board - Forty Four Queries to the life of Queen DickForty Four Queries to the life of Queen Dick

Of Richard Cromwell

On his father’s death Richard Cromwell became Lord Protector, but he lacked authority. He attempted to mediate between the army and civil society, and allowed a Parliament containing many disaffected Presbyterians and Royalists to sit. Suspicions that civilian councillors were intent on supplanting the army were brought to a head by an attempt to prosecute a major-general for actions against a Royalist. The army made a threatening show of force against Richard, and may have had him in detention. He formally renounced power nine months after succeeding.

Pagination & Dimensions

The volume is paginated as follows: [2]-7, [1]. The volume is uncollated. The volume measures about 18 cm. By 14 cm. By 1 cm. Each leaf measures about 175 mm. By 135 mm.

According to ESTC the annotation on the Thomason copy is: “June. 15”. This matches the pamphlet which shows Richard still living in Whitehall. Verse III: “Whether White-Hal ought not to be called the Fleet, because Richard Cromwell is in there for debt?”  Richard would continue to live in the Palace of Whitehall until July, when he was forced by the Rump to return to Hursley. Royalists rejoiced at Cromwell’s fall, and many satirical attacks surfaced, in which he was given the unflattering nicknames “Tumbledown Dick” and “Queen Dick”.

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