Life and Conversion of John Berridge

Life and Conversion of John Berridge


Life and Conversion of John Beveridge 1793 First Edition

By John Berridge

Printed In London by J. Chalmers For J. Matthews, M. Trapp, J. Parsons, W. Button, T. Chapman, W. Ash, J. Murgatroyd D. Taylor, T. Stratton, J. Bellman and J. Fenely

The Volume is in Very good Condition Disbound, with generally clean, amply margined leaves, with the margins toned and little else in the way of stains or tears
The Volume is Complete in All Respects With Final Advertisement. See below for pagination & dimensions.

Titel - Life and Conversion of John Berridge

John Berridge was an evangelical Anglican minister, known for the popularity of his late career sermons preaching salvation by faith. As part of the eighteenth century evangelical revival, Berridge went through a series of personal revelation leading to his prominence within the period. He describes his spiritual journey through his own epitaph:

“I was born in Sin, February 1716. Remained Ignorant of my fallen sate till 1730. Lived proudly on Faith and Works for Salvation till 1754. Admitted to Everton Vicarage 1755. Fled to Jesus alone for Refuge 1756. Fell asleep in Christ January 22, 1793.”

He references entering the clergy with his ‘Fallen State till 1730.’ and then his initial posts at Stapleford with ‘Lived proudly on Faith and Works for Salvation till 1754.’ his reference to specific doctrine is telling, as he felt his sermons based on these ideas were ineffective. After his move to Everton, Berridge experienced a personal revelation, and abandoned the doctrine of salvation by works to that of only faith, as he describes ‘Fled to Jesus alone for Refuge.’ it was after this final conversion that he gained his reputation, with sermons inspiring “very curious physical effects” among the listeners. Those in attendance “cried out aloud hysterically, some were thrown into strong convulsions, and some fell into a kind of trance”

Pagination & Dimensions

The volume is paginated as follows: [5]-33, [3]. The volume collates as follows: [A]-D4, E2. Each leaf measures about 205 mm. By 125 mm.

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