Peregrine Pickle 1827

Peregrine Pickle 1827


The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle 1827

By Thobias Smolett

Printed In London

The Volumes are in Very Good Condition rebound in modern half calf over marbled boards, with the spines divided into six gilt-stamped compartments by five raised bands, with gilt lettering in the second and third compartments from the top, with gilt leaf-tops. Internally, the leaves are generally clean and amply margined, with scattered fox marks and occasional small stains.
The Volumes are Complete in All Respects See below for pagination & dimensions.

Spines - The Adventures of Peregrine PickleTitle - The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle

Peregrine Pickle is the second novel, published anonymously, by Tobias Smolett. Novels such as this, Roderick Random and Humphrey Clinker were the precursors to Dickens satirical stories.

The novel begins with the character of Peregrine as a young country gentleman rejected by his cruel mother, ignored by his indifferent father, and hated by his degenerate brother. After their alienation, he turns to Commodore Hawser Trunnion, who raises him. Peregrine’s detailed life experience provides a scope for Smollett’s satire on human cruelty, stupidity, and greed: from his upbringing, education at Oxford, journey to France, jailing at the Fleet, unexpected succession to his father’s fortune, and final repentance and marriage to his beloved Emilia. The novel is written as a series of adventures, with every chapter depicting a new experience. The novel also contains a lengthy independent story called “The Memoirs of a Lady of Quality”, written by Frances Vane, Viscountess Vane. Peregrine Pickle features several amusing characters, most notably Commodore Hawser Trunnion, an old seaman and misogynist who lives in a house with his former shipmates. Trunnion’s lifestyle may have inspired Charles Dickens to create the character of Wemmick in Great Expectations. Another interesting character is Peregrine’s friend Cadwallader Crabtree, an old misanthrope who amuses himself by playing ingenious jokes on naive people. Smollett also caricatured many of his enemies in the novel, most notably Henry Fielding and the actor David Garrick. Fitzroy Henry Lee was supposedly the model for Hawser Trunnion.

Pagination & Dimensions

The volumes are paginated as follows: Vol. I; [ii], [1]-333, [1].: Vol. II; [ii], [1]-341[1].: Vol. III; [ii], [1]-355, [1]. The volumes collate as follows: Vol. I; [A]1, B-2D6, 2E11.: Vol. II; [A]1, B-2E6, 2F9.: Vol. III; [A]1, B-2G6, 2H4. Each volume measures about 16.5 cm by 11 cm. By 2 cm. Each leaf measures about 160 mm. By 105 mm.

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