The Angel of the World …with Other Poems

The Angel of the World …with Other Poems


The Angel of the World; An Arabian Tale: Sebastian; A Spanish Tale: with Other Poems 1820

By George Croly

Printed In London For John Warren

The Volume is in Very Good Condition Bound in modern quarter red morocco over marbled boards with gilt lettering on the spine and with gilt leaf edges: Externally the boards and spine are new and show little scuffing accordingly. Internally the leaves are generally clean and amply margined with some toning throughout, some foxing on the initial and final leaves, as well as a notable stain on the final clophon leaf.
The Volume is Complete in All Respects See below for pagination & dimensions.

The Angel of the World ...with Other PoemsThe Angel of the World ...with Other Poems

George Croly Was an Anglican Priest and author, and a leading contributor to the Literary Gazette and Blackwood’s Magazine, from the establishment of both in 1817, and was also associated with the Tory magazine Britannia. He worked as a theatre critic for the New Times and later as a foreign correspondent. He wrote poems, plays, satires, novels, history, and theological works, and achieved some measure of success in all. Perhaps his best known works were his novels, Salathiel (1828), based on the legend of the Wandering Jew, and Marston (1846). His main contribution to theological literature was an exposition of the Apocalypse. His hymns included Spirit of God, descend upon my heart written in 1854.

David Macbeth Moir:

“The Angel is a paraphrase of one of the most graceful fictions of the Koran, the fall from heaven of Haruth and Maruth, by the temptations of female beauty and wine. It is written in the Spenserian stanza, and with oriental gorgeousness and grace. But such subjects are too ethereal — they do not stand handling; in their gossamer fabric they have the frailty of rose-leaves, besides being deficient in the materials which can alone command direct human sympathy”

Sketches of the Poetical Literature of the Past Half-Century (1851; 1852) 185.

Pagination & Dimensions

The volume is paginated as follows: [v]-xiv-[xvi], [1]-182, [2]. The volume collates as follows: [A]7B-M8, N4. The volume measures about 22 cm. By 14 cm. By 2 cm. Each leaf measures about 210 mm. By 130 mm.

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