The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus

The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus


The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings

of Aureolus Philippus Theophrastus Bombast
Better Known as Paracelsus the Great
Translated By A. E. Waite 1894 First Edition

Printed In London For James Elliot and Co.

The Volumes are in Good Condition Bund in burgundy publishers cloth, with gilt symbol on the front board, with gilt lettering on the spine. Externally the boards and spine are lightly scuffed in general with the spines frayed at the head and tail, and tearing at the hinges, with the board corners bumped. Internally the leaves are generally clean an amply margined, being uncut, with some small occasional stains, and with leaf edges toned, and with the book block shaken.
The Volumes are Complete in All Respects with final advertisements. See below for pagination & dimensions.

The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of ParacelsusThe Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus

Of A. E. Waite

At times a member of the Golden Dawn and many of its off-shoots, Arthur Edward Waite was an avid member of the late nineteenth century occult community in England, and a prolific writer on hermetics and mysticism. Waite was a prolific author and many of his works were well received in academic circles. He wrote occult texts on subjects including divination, esotericism, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, and ceremonial magic, Kabbalism and alchemy; he also translated and reissued several mystical and alchemical works. He wrote about the Holy Grail, influenced by his friendship with Arthur Machen. A number of his volumes remain in print, including The Book of Ceremonial Magic, The Holy Kabbalah, A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, and his edited translation of Eliphas Levi’s 1896 Transcendental Magic, its Doctrine and Ritual, having seen reprints in recent years. Waite also wrote two allegorical fantasy novels, Prince Starbeam and The Quest of the Golden Stairs, and edited Elfin Music, an anthology of poetry based on English fairy folklore.

Pagination & Dimensions

The volumes are paginated as follows: Vol. I; [v]-xvi, [3]-394. Vol. II; [v]-viii, [3]-396, [iv]. The volumes collate as follows: Vol. I; [A], 2A4, B-Z8, AA6. Vol. II; [A]4 B-2A8. The volume measures about 30 cm. By 24 cm by 5 cm. Each leaf measures about 285 mm. By 225 mm.

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