The Historie of St. George of Cappadocia

The Historie of St. George of Cappadocia


The Historie of St. George of Cappadocia 1631 First Edition

By Peter Heylin

Printed In London by Bernard Alsop and Thomas Fawcet For Henry Sayle

The Volume is in Good Condition Bound in Vellum, with hand lettering on the spine: Externally the vellum is somewhat warped, but still supple, with the front board showing some wear to the fore-edge. Internally the leaves are generally clean and amply margined, ruled throughout, with the outer margins soft and fraying, particularly at the initial and final gathers, but is only within the rules on certain leaves, and the volume shows some mild damp-staining to the outer margin and general foxing or toning otherwise
The Volume is Complete in All Respects With Additional Engraved Title Page. See below for pagination & dimensions.

Title - The Historie of St. George of Cappadocia

Of Peter Heylin

Peter Heylin, born in Oxfordshire, and matriculated from Magdalen College, Oxford, distinguished himself early through his lectures on historical geography. Heylyn was awarded MA on 1 July 1620. In 1620 he presented his lecture to Prince Charles, at Theobalds. He was incorporated at Cambridge University in 1621. In 1621 his lectures were published as Microcosmos: a Little Description of the Great World. This would prove to be his most popular work and by 1639, eight editions had been produced.

At college, where he was dubbed ‘the perpetual dictator’, Heylin had been an outspoken controversialist. He subsequently became an outspoken preacher and one of Charles I’s clerical followers. He was awarded a BD on 13 June 1629. In 1630 he lectured against the Feoffees for Impropriations. He became licensed Canon of Westminster in 1631 and Rector of Hemingford, Huntingdonshire, in the same year. He became Rector of Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham, in 1632 and rector of Alresford, Hampshire, in 1633. Also in 1633 he was licensed to preach and was awarded D.D. on 13 April 1633. He became a chaplain to Charles I. In 1639 he became Rector at South Warnborough, Hampshire. He suffered for his loyalty to the king when, under the Commonwealth, he was deprived of his preferments. He subsequently settled at Lacies Court in Abingdon, Berkshire (now Oxfordshire). At the Restoration, he was made sub-Dean of Westminster, but poor health prevented further advancement.

Pagination & Dimensions

The volume is paginated as follows: [22], 50, 49-351, [1]. The volume collates as follows: A6, B-Z8, 2A6. The volume measures about 18.5 cm. By 14.5 cm. By 3 cm. Each leaf measures about 180 mm. By 140 mm.

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