About Us

Woodcut Ornament - Maximus Tyrius Sermones
Third Floor Rare Books is a partnership of book enthusiasts dedicated to providing high quality rare books through EBay. All our books are collated, researched and photographed extensively before they are listed on EBay. A few exceptional lots are offered through our EBay Store at a fixed price, with the balance sold through EBay auctions with a nominal starting price. As book enthusiasts we have long felt that book collectors need to have a better experience over the web in order to make a purchase decision. Our website is here to provide an enhanced view of our books on EBay. Here you will find high quality photographs, detailed descriptions and even some “binding spins” that provide a 360 degree view of our offered books.

Except for the EBay store books, we do not hold inventory and generally sell our books in small batches as they are received, collated, photographed and described. This enhanced attention to our books ensures that every book is offered with as much information for collectors that the web allows.

We hope you enjoy the experience

Peter & John


Did you know that we photograph our books at a higher resolution than the website displays? All of our books are shot at between 6 – 8 Megs per picture. We currently hold an archive of 275,000 High Res photographs (and counting) of roughly 3,000 titles from the 1470’s to the 20th Century with the majority prior to 1750. For instance the 1577 Holinshed Chronicle set includes 1676 High Res Photographs with an average size of 8.52 Megs each. All photographic sets include binding shots, most preliminaries, chapter headings and all plates. Many titles are complete with all pages recorded in high resolution.