Christs Passion

Christs Passion

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Christs Passion 1640

By Hugo Grotius
Translated By George Sandys

Printed In London by John Legat For William Leake

The Volume is in Very Good Condition bound in gilt ruled morocco, with the spine divided into eight compartments by seven gilt bands, with leaf edges gilt. Externally the boards and spine are lightly scuffed in general, with wear at the hinges and some chipping to the tail, but no splits, and with the board corners bumped a bit. Internally the leaves are generlaly clean and sufficiently margined, trimmed close in places, but not cutting into the text, with some mild toning throughout, and some light staining in the preliminaries otherwise.
The Volume is Complete in All Respects In this setting, the fourth word of the title is ‘TRAGEDIE’ and the imprint reading ‘lane, neere’ with the ‘b’ in printed by being intact. See below for pagination & dimensions.

Front Board - Christs PassionTitle - Christs Passion

Of Christs Passion

Hugo Grotius is among the most important figures of the Enlightenment, and a foundational writer for political science. Grotius’ most well known works are De jure belli ac pacis and Mare Liberum, which have had lasting effects on international law. Grotius also contributed to debates within Calvinism, providing the seeds for later Arminian-based movements, such as Methodism and Pentecostalism.

The passion play was a popular theatrical production arising from traditional performances of sermons during Easter. Over the years these production became more and more secular in nature, and outside control of the Church, and falling fully out of favour by the reformation. Protestant churches, such as the dutch calvinists, maintained such traditions in line with their conception of a more publicly accessible christianity. As such, a version by Grotius fits nicely at the intersection of his Religious controversialism and work as a playwright.

George Sandys is among the most important English writers of the mid seventeenth century, famous for his Relation of A Journey, an early and important travel novel. A Prolific Translator, Sandys here takes Grotius’ iteration of the traditional passion play into english.

Pagination & Dimensions

The volume is paginated as follows: [xii], 123, [1]. The volume collates as follows: [A]6, A-H8. The volume measures about 14 cm. By 9 cm. By 2 cm. Each leaf measures about 140 mm. By 90 mm.

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