De Triclino

De Triclino


De Triclino 1689
Or The Dining Couch

By Pedro Chacón

Printed In Amsterdam For Henry Wetstein

The Volume is in Very Good Condition Bound in full vellum, with lettering on the spine, with the leaf edges red and blue speckled. Externally the boards and spine are lightly scuffed in general, with the for edges of both boards worn, some small worm-holes, that do not carry over into the interior, and some less prominent wear to the head of the spine. Internally the leaves are generally clean and well margined, with some small stains on occasion, some mild foxing, and with moderate toning at certain plates.
The Volume is Complete in All Respects With frontispiece, 5 folding plates and 2 full page plates not included in the register, with a number of plates and illustrations which are. See below for pagination & dimensions.

Title - De Triclino

Of De Triclino

Pedro Chacón was a Spanish mathematician and antiquary, who wrote on a broad spectrum of subjects, and whose work would only be published after his death. Educated at Salamanca, Chacón was considered the Verro of his time, incredibly erudite and an examplary renaissance man from near the end of that era. He became professor of greek at the University of Salamanca, and formed the “School of Salamanca” together with Francisco de Salinas and Fray Luis de León.

Among Chacón’s more popular posthumous publications, was his De Triclinio sive de Modo convivandi apud prisco Romanos, a thorough examination of the dining habits and table settings of the ancient romans, looking at the table settings, seating, entertainment, as well as the food and its preparation; and of course, the wine. Based on roman excavations on Toledo, It was first published by Andreas Frisius, 1664 and then another edition by Henry Wetstein, 1689 both of Amsterdam.

Pagination & Dimensions

The volume is paginated as follows: [xii], [1]-445, [23]. The volume collates as follows: *6A-T12, V6.C4 is missigned B3. The volume measures about 14 cm. By 9 cm. By 3 cm. Each leaf measures about 130 mm. By 80 mm.

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